Breast Enlargement Exercises

There is nothing that can stop men getting mesmerized by those beautiful, fuller and firmer rotund organs on the female chest! Breasts, being the most important female organs are considered to be a ‘weak point’ for anyone and a man, however masculine, cannot withstand against its magnetic power. Ideally, breasts are to be fuller, firmer and round in shape those are to be located as high as possible on the female chest. Breasts, on the other hand, look awkward if they are sagging, drooping or small in shape and size.

Breast enlargement exercises can be considered as one of the effective ways to have good and attractive breasts. However, one can undergo cosmetic surgeries and have the breasts enhanced and bigger but then; this procedure is safe or not is a question. It could not for everyone. The best way is to go for natural and herbal supplements and creams those can help woman achieving the breasts she wants but results might vary drastically between one to another.

Products such as St. Botanica Breast Enlargement Capsules and St. Botanica Breast Firming Serums are used by women worldwide. They can help achieving fuller and firmer breasts if adopted for a couple of months. Many health experts advise to use St. Botanica Breast Products along with some exercises that can be done at any time, in the comfort of the user and there is no adverse side effect as compared to other chemically produced breast enlarging products.

Here are some of the effective breast enlargement exercises:-

Downward Dog:

for this, one has to position herself on the floor on the hands and knees with the feet flexed and then she has to press the hands and feet onto the floor. She then requires raising the hips toward the ceiling so that her body should appear like an upside-down “V”.
Then, she should keep lifting her tailbone towards the ceiling as she lowers her heels to the floor as far as possible but without any strain.


  • First, lie on the front and bend the knees crossing ankles and then, bend the elbows by placing the palms on the floor a bit      to the side and in front of the shoulders.
  • The next step is straightening the arms and lifting the body so you get balanced on the palms and knees.
  • Then, tuck your chin some centimeters toward the chest so that forehead will face the floor, meanwhile, tighten your abs.
  • Bend your elbows and take your entire body lower at once and rather than trying to touch the chest onto the floor, lowering      only till upper arms those are parallel to the floor is advisable.
  • Push back up and do not lock the elbows at the top of the move
  • One should repeat this motion ten times then break for a minute, then do two more repetitions

Chest Press:

For this, one has to lie on the floor (or a bench) and then hold the dumbbells (not too heavy) end to end just above the chest’s height but then, one should be sure that her elbows are pointing out. Pressing the dumbbells straight up by extending the arms and holding it for 15 seconds completes the exercise. Repeat for ten times a day

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