Breast Massage

In today’s modern lifestyle makes our body enduring in all manner of unnatural process from the foods we eat, the clothes we put on and the environment we are in. It is said that the breasts are capable storing much of such nasty things within the fatty tissues and as the breasts are mostly constrained within a brasserie for many hours a day the body finds no way to flush out the bodily toxins. It is no more hidden truth that the breast stores quite high levels of chemicals present in the environment.

Studies of human breast milk have revealed quite alarming disposition for traces of house cleaning items to be present for instance. It is though that there might be a very natural connection with the onset of breast diseases from such body toxins. The purpose of breast massage is helping to flush out such body toxins through the lymphatic system, and also assisting bringing nutrients to the breast tissues.

Massaging the breasts is not a great and complicated process, and it does not consume more than a few minutes. In addition, it might be done by the woman, and does not actually need any assistance or outside efforts. Thus, it could also be termed as one of the cheapest techniques to have breast enlargement and enhancement naturally. However, experts suggest that such massage is to be done using some natural products such as St. Botanica Brest Enlargement cream or St. Botanica Breast Enhancement Serum.

A suitable breast cream such as St. Botanica Breast Cream is to be applied onto the breasts equally before you start real breast massage. The blend of potential herbs used in St. Botanica Breast Firming products help in breast enhancement by nourishing breast tissues and reshaping the overall breast structure.

Breast massage is a simple procedure that can be divided in to 4 steps motioned below:-
Step I: You should start from the nipple, push it down with the three long fingers of your hand and remember that here; movement must be slower and almost graceful for better result. A performer must also be sure not to apply greater pressure. The right method is to maintain gentle touch and prolonged contact.

Step II: After performing first step the woman’s breast should be lightly massaged with St. Botanica Breast Serum or Cream in a kneading kind of direction. Holding one breast with both the hands so as to cup out the breasts generally serve the purpose. The performer should not apply heavy pressures and should stop this it starts to hurt. Holding each breast in this manner and going on kneading it a bit for sometime is great way to assist breast’s beauty. Finishing with one breast completes this step however; one has to take on the other.

Step III: The third step is most essential to get a round firmness to the breast. This is performed by holding the breast just as you had performed in the earlier step. But here, rather than squeezing it out, you should give it a twirling type of motion by rotating the hands (and thus the breasts) first in a clockwise motion and then an equal anticlockwise direction. You should continue this for about 10 times and then repeat with another breast.

Step IV: This is the last step that begins with opening out the palms on the breasts in such a way that they do not get covered at the areolas and face downwards. Then moving your palms downward in order that the fingers gently rub against the side surface of the breasts is important in this step. This is not to be done on the nipples, as it might spoil its shapes. Continue this for about 10 times with each breast to get maximum results.

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