Breast Size

Let us get back to the olden days when small breasts were considered to be prosperous and favoring. This might make you amaze that fashion models during the decade of 1960s sought after a slimmer look having tiny breasts! And now, the things are totally changed, reversed in fact!

The modern world of today is booming with wonder bras, and it is hard to digest that breast size does not matter. If you shy away from wearing the bikinis on the beach that expose your most important part – the breasts, probably it is high time for boosting a size or two more for your these front mesmerizing organs. Most natural solution for increasing woman's breast comes with options either natural creams or pills such as St. Botanica Breast Cream or St. Botanica Breast Pills.

Breast size can be increased using such natural products and latest technology as offered in St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum also offer instant enhancement and enlargement in breasts. Once you achieve your breast size, it is important to wear proper brasseries to maintain the beauty of the breasts. There are a couple of variables that is required to determine a bra and cup size correctly. Such variables are defind as frame size and also chest + breast size.

One should keep in mind that to determine a bra and cup size is no an exact technique. If one finds she should be wearing a 34C, but a 32B suits her better, it is obvious to get the more comfortable one!

Determination of Frame & Bra Size

The frame size is diameter around the female chest which is just under the breasts. One can measure by using tape. This is done by measuring around the ribcage directly below the breasts and there should be no breast tissues measured when determining a frame size and once you are done, record this result on some paper or computer.

For determining the bra size, adding 5 to the number you got above is a method. If the numeric you have is odd, rounding up to the next even number is preferred. For instance, if a frame size is 26 inch, while adding 5 to this you come to 31 inches. You must thus round up to the even number that is 32 inches (since brasseries only come in even digits and not in odd). This makes your bra size - 32 inches.

Determination of Breast Size

The next measurement comes around the thorax over that includes the fuller part of the bosoms (generally at the level of the nipple). Technically, one should have this measurement while wearing some comfortable brasserie. This is the diameter of that gives you measurement of the chest + breast. Record this number again, on the paper or computer.

Calculate Cup Size

This is important. Now take the chest + breast size result and subtract a bra size digit and use the table given below for determining a cup size.


Cup Sizes

0 to ½ inch


½ to 1 inch


1 to 2½ inches


2½ to 3½ inches 


3½ to 4½ inches


4½ to 6 inches 

DD (E)

6 to 7 inches


7 to 8 inches



Let us predict a frame size has come to 30 inches, your bra size is therefore 36 inches (30 + 5 = 35 but round figure is 36”). In addition, assume that measured chest + breast size comes around 40”. Now, take a chest + breast size (40), and subtract a bra size which is 36. You get 4” as the difference. When you use the table above, you find that anyone that is a difference between 3½ to 4½” (including 4) comes to a cup sizing D and therefore, a correct brasserie and cup size is considered to be 36D.