Breast Serum
breast serum

An effective product to increase the cup-size and firm your breasts

Prime benefits of the Breast Serum

It expands the cellular substructure of the female breast

The Serum offers supports for fuller and firm breast

It also adds the desired volume to breast

Breast Serum can also promote the growth of the lobules and alveoli in the      breasts
It markedly decrease the sagging breasts appearance

Phyto-estrogens, used in the product make fatty tissues to gather in breasts

Liposomes present as active ingredient in the serum tones the breast tissue

The Breast Serum can encourage the breast tissues’ growth. It can also elongate and expand the ducts’ network to the nipple resulting in overall increase in cup-size. The expanding upon the fatty tissues and ligaments around the breast will help to provide the breasts’ shape and support. There are hundreds of thousands of women who tested using this extraordinary formula have witnessed unbelievable results in terms of increased toning, firming and a more vernal size and shape.

The Breast Serum – a great helping hand

To get a fuller, firmer, more vernal bust line, one must have balanced hormonal state within the body. In fact, it is the first step every woman to check out for. Unknown to millions of women, hormonal imbalance actually stamp down the development of the breasts and it can also bring up compound problems that are associated with aging and menopause.

Daily use of the Breast Serum can with a regiment of a healthful diet and Breast Capsules can offer the women measurable results with attractive breasts within the desired period.


Pueraria mirifica and tropical herb extracts.

The Breast Serum – woman friendly product

The product is powered with Pueraria mirifica (popularly known as White Kwao Krua), which is a Thai herb famous for its breast enlarging properties. The Breast Serum is a woman friendly product and quite easy to use. The ingredients used in this product identify the female cells (breast cells) and release anti-aging agents to rejuvenate them. It, in turn, helps overcoming the flabby breasts. The Breast Serum is therefore, a great alternate to those painful and agonizing medical surgical treatments that tone up the breasts. All the woman needs is to just use the Breast Serum and reap the benefits by having a pair of mesmerizing bosoms.

The Breast Serum is a natural breast firming product that brings volume to the breasts that are drooping and have become flaccid one or the other way. The Breast Serum is formulated with latest technology for quick absorption of its potential ingredients right into the breasts, thus increasing the overall cellular construction of the breasts. This is the reason why the Breast Serum makes breasts nice and taut. The Breast Serum contains the Thai herb popularly called as Pueraria mirifica, which is the herb having phyto-estrogen effects as its nature. The herb possesses similar function as estrogen plays in the female’s body. The Breast Serum produces a fuller bust-line and tones up the breast skin.

Direction to use:

Apply a small amount of the serum onto each of your breast. Massage until the serum is fully absorbed. It is advisable to massage clockwise first and then anticlockwise. For maximum results, augment the serum with Breast Capsules.

The presentation of the product:

The Breast Serum spray bottle contains 60 ml of active serum.

Breast Serum 60 ml.
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Breast Serum 60 ml.
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Breast Serum 60 ml.
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Breast Serum 60 ml.
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Video Demonstration

This product's efficiency cover every kind of breast that lack of firmness, especially for those with sagging breasts. You can see the result within 1-2 months.


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Interesting fact by The Breast Serum:

During sexual plays and/or intercourse, it is common practice to press or massage the breasts with hands since for the females; breasts are sensitive to touch as they have many nerve endings and for males, it is arousing.


In females where the ovaries don't produce sufficient amounts of estrogen and progesterone under developed breasts may occur. As females age, the ovaries slowly begin to produce less hormones, resulting in breasts sagging. Breast Sagging

Stimulating the estrogen receptors in the breast with estrogen or estrogen like substance (phyto-estrogens) can actually increase the size of the female breast as much as 150%.