Erectile Dysfunction

As a complicated process from the result of signals that run down the nerves leading from the spinal cord to the genitals and the blood vessels that provide enough blood to the penis to get opened up and make this important organ erect is something called good penis erection. The blood gets flowed in and then organ blows up like a balloon staying harder, fuller and firmer. The man can then be able to penetrate the female organ to satisfy her up to significant levels. A valve mechanism that is located near the base of the male organ will keep the blood to flow out again – at least, until the sexual stimulation is over.

As one can observe, getting an erection is quite complicated process. It is quite easy for plenty of reasons to interfere with this – for example, worries, tiredness, excessive alcohol consumption or in later age, narrowing of the blood vessels – they all lead to erectile dysfunction, in other words, a man is then not able to produce desired erection and hence, is unable to satisfy the women during sexual activities as the penetration for him is a pretty big sum.

Nicotine is now been proven to be an agent that narrows the vital blood vessels and that is why erectile dysfunction is quite common in smokers, especially chain smokers. But oftentimes, there is nothing physically awry with men who suffer from ED. Some of the men can not get a harder on at all; others have one but it is not fuller and firmer enough to penetrate the partner; and others could manage that penetration for a while, but then they cannot make it long.

It is now clarified that in a very high proportion of men, the issue is because of deterioration in the blood vessels that transfer blood to the male organ. According to one research being carried out recently reveals that in addition there might often be impairment in the blood vessels of the brain or of the heart. Thus, older men with erectile dysfunction must take care protecting themselves against various strokes including heart attack. This can be done by keeping the blood pressure and cholesterols in their normal levels.

Fortunately, treatment for erectile dysfunction is quite possible. There are many ways to treat ED such as using penis pumps that uses hollow tube with a manual or battery-powered pump. The tube is placed onto the male organ and then the pump is used for sucking out the air. This will create a vacuum that brings the blood into the penis. Once the man achieves an adequate erection, he slips a tension ring around the base of the male organ for maintaining the erection. The pump is then removed and after sexual activities, tension ring is removed! Other techniques include vascular surgery etc.

Apart from all those techniques to treat erectile dysfunction, natural therapy is what preferred by men all across the world. Products such as Morpheme Khonioor Gold help supplying enough nourishment that strengthens the male organ’s muscles. Such supplements, if used with local application such as Orgy Penis Massage Oil and/or St. Botanica Butea Gel can help improving the blood circulation within the local area of its application. All in all, they work together as internal and external support making reproductive organs/system strong enough to remain aroused till the sexual activities are finished with fully satisfactory.

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