Low Libido

A low libido is also known as low sex drive. Low libido in males refers to a lack of interest in sexual activities and also in sexual relation. It is quite common to experience a temporary fall in sexual activities at some point of juncture, and many men do but if it remains, it might present problems and can also spoil relationship.

There are many reasons for low libido in men; common underlying cause for decreased sexual interest and activity is not always obvious. Low libido might be a result from physical conditions (like illness or infections), psychological triggers (such as distress or anxiety), or other causation components such as dislike towards the partner or feeling bored with the same partner. When a man feels that his formerly normal libido has stalled or looks like gone altogether, there could be some medical or emotional problems at the root.

Some of the common symptoms if low libido in males includes:

  • Hesitancy to initiate sex
  • Decreased frequency in masturbation
  • Less frequent sexual desire, ideas and fantasies
  • Lack of desire for sex when the man has gone without sex for many days, weeks, or even months (it depends upon what   was previously normal to him)
  • Decreased sexual activity and sexual thoughts

The couples with a relatively small desire disagreement might find that it produces little tension but for those having larger desire discrepancy, this inconsistency can have a false impact on the sexual relationship. The man with the low libido often begins to feel that his partner is only interested in him for sex and nothing else. This makes him start thinking that his partner is taken up with sex and this obsession might bother and/or beat back him.

The partner might also make him feel guilty for his lack of interest in sexual activities anymore. These feelings finally end up the person that develops strategies to avoid sexual thoughts, activities and intercourses such as going earlier to bed or later than his partner, acting to be asleep, saying that he does not feel well or might start an argument just before getting on to bed.

The treatment for low libido in men

It is advisable that the person with low libido should thoroughly search the options before undergoing any prescription of the drugs with the risks of side effects and potential for being addicted. While medicines might be appropriate when there all natural and trusted by hundreds of thousands of males across the world such as St. Botanica Butea Capsules and Morpheme Kapikacchu. These are said to be quite safer and effective options that has been recommended by many herbalists for thousands of years in traditional medicinal system such as Ayurveda.

Natural treatments include herbal therapy that includes natural products such as Kohinoor Gold and also massaging the organ to provide it nourishment and strength. Natural products such as Orgy Penis Massage Oil has been considered to be good strengthening agent that provides essential properties to the muscles of the male organ that gain energy and stand long in foreplays heightening the sexual relationship in a ignorant way.

A product such as Conmax Serum is made up of essential herbs that have a long history of effectively increasing libido in a natural way along with improvement in sexual performance. Selected herbs may enhance sexual thoughts without offering any unwanted effects. Nowadays, the market boom with natural herbs that offer great treatment in low libido. Some of the natural libido enhancers those are becoming more popular include Morpheme Ashwagandha, Morpheme Kapikacchu and Morpheme Garlic that not only enhances libido but also help lowering the cholesterol and fatty tissues from the body, one of the causative factors of lethargy and sexual weakness.

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