10 Must Know Facts About AIDS

AIDS is caused due to the HIV virus. This disease reduces the functioning of the immune system and hence the body loses the ability to fight infections. Several other disorders also develop due to the weakened immune system. Statistics show more than 33 million people are suffering from AIDS around the world and majority of them are in developing countries.

About 2 million are youngsters below the age of 16. There are few basic facts about AIDS which every must be aware of.

There Is No Cure For AIDS

Studies are going on continuously to find a cure for AIDS and also vaccinations to prevent the HIV infection in the body. Several medications are available to prevent the spread of the HIV infection but there is no medicine to prevent you from the infection.

AIDS Is Due To A Virus Named HIV

The disease AIDS develop due to a virus HIV which is transmitted through sexual contact or infected syringed and needles. A person who is infected transfers the infection to the uninfected person, which over the period develops into AIDS.

Having An Infection Of HIV Does Not Mean It Is AIDS

A person is said to have AIDS if his/her immune system breaks down completely and the CD4 count goes below 200. AIDS may also be conformed if the person is diagnosed to other disease like cancer. HIV is only a virus that causes AIDS. It may take years for the viral infection to lead to AIDS.

The Spread Of The Virus HIV

The virus HIV is spread through sexual contact or through infected syringes.The virus may also spread from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery or breast feeding. However, currently with the available retroviral therapy, the chances of spread of infection from mother to child have reduced to a very low rate.

How HIV Is Not Spread

There is a big myth that HIV can spread through shaking hands, cough and cold, hugging, sharing the toilet or pool with an infected person, sharing plate with an infected person, etc. but this is not true.

If Both The Partners Are HIV Positive

Even if both the partners are infected using condoms is recommended to avoid infections by other strains of the virus.

The Symptoms Do Not Show Easily

AIDS is a disease in which the symptoms show after years of infection. The intensity of symptoms may vary from person to person.Even after an infection the person will live for years and can spread the infection to others. Regular tests are advisable for awareness.

Avoid Transmission Of The Infection

Transmission of the infection can be avoided by safe sex using condoms, or using blood which is free of HIV and always using new needles and syringes.

Retroviral Treatment

Using several antiretro viral therapies has been found to be successful in preventing the spread of infection and also protecting the immune cells.

Death Rate

According to WHO, AIDS is responsible for maximum no. of deaths in the past few years. It has been estimated that around 27 million people have already died and many more are still suffering.

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