3 Makeup Tips For Green Eyes

Green eyes are really uncommon. People with green eyes are just gifted. Maybe one in a thousand people are gifted with charming green eyes. And as far as decorating your eyes are concerned, a wide array of colorful makeups will make your eyes look enhanced and set apart from the crowd.

Green eyes may vary in shades from person to person; hence, it is not necessary that the makeup stated in this article will definitely suit you. And so, you should first wear these looks to try them at your home and then pick your favorite hues. It is very easy to overshadow delicate green eyes with wrong colors, so the best way is to experiment with colors and see what looks good on you.

3 Makeup Tips For Green Eyes

Cat eye liner

How can we separate green eyes and cat eyeliner? Those are seemingly the two sides of the same coin and we have seen tons of green-eyed celebrities to pull off their cat eye makeup just finely. Cat eyeliner perfectly frames green eyes and makes them look sexier.

Cat-eye makeup on green eyes looks really charming when painted with dark eyeliners like black. But, if black is not what you desire of then you can also try playing with different spunky colors like green, golden, grays and brown. While gray and brown offer a neutral look to green eyes, you can try spicing up your eyes with hues of green and golden as well. Other than that, golden and white eyeliners are real good choices for green eyes and they seemingly open up small eyes.

Eye Shadows for Your Benefit

It is easy to play with colors if you have green eyes. Right colors make green eyes pop-out and look really beautiful. So, if you were refraining away from those bright shades of eye shadows, then now you know that it’s a must for you to mix some colors in your life. You can easily make a bold statement with green eyes by painting them with dark shades like charcoal black and red.

While black makes your green eyes more prominent and attractive, red offers a sexy and sultry look to green eyes. While on the other hand, neutral or formal looks can be created with softer shade like lilac, apricot and brown. You can try different shades of brown to match your beautiful eyes and skin tone as well. For instance, lilac is the best color for fairer skin, while olive skin-tone goes perfectly with shades of brown and apricot.

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Mascara Overload

Mascara is an essential thing for green eyes. Mascara is one such eye makeup that makes the eyes look equally glamorous and attractive and that is exactly what it does with green eyes. Almost all shades of mascara looks stunning with green eyes. Ranging from pitch black to soothing browns, you can pull off any mascara that is available in the market.

However, it is better to stay away from shades like silver, pink and blue as they tend to overshadow your beautiful eyes. You can create a decent look with conservative shades like brown and grays, while applying brighter shades like green provides a funky look.

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