4 Amazing Makeup Secrets For Dark Hair And Fair Skin

Dark hair and fair skin are a winning combination as far as makeup is concerned. You can mix and match and play with different color shades to find out the best one to match your requirements.

Experiment according to the needs of various occasions from a sultry and glamorous look to a conventional and formal appearance. Pick and choose, mix and match your makeup option is limitless.

Just make sure that you do not overdo. Whatever look you decide to give yourself ensure that it suits your age and station in life. In general cases muted and natural makeup gives the best effects. Stick to what you are comfortable doing and you are ready to go.

Makeup Tips For Dark Hair And Fair Skin

The Right Eye Makeup

The eye makeup for dark hair and fair skin mostly depends upon the color of the irises. You can use contrasting shade eyeshadows for an added effect-for example you can go for a bold blue eyeshadow if you have green eyes.

Mixing and matching the eyeshadow based on the color flecks dotting your eyes will also give an amazing result. As far as the eyeliner and eyeshadow are concerned the darker you do it, the sultrier and sexy will your eyes appear. Apply eyeliner along the ridge of your upper lids and then cover the area below the eyebrows with an appropriate eyeshadow.

Blend in the liner with the shadow with the help of an eye makeup brush or sponge. The brush or the sponge needs to be cleaned thoroughly to protect your eyes from infection. These applicators are a happy hunting ground for all the various kinds of bacteria that are harmful for the health of the eyes.

Instead of a sexy look if you want to get an appearance of guileless wide-eyed innocence thinner eyeliner should be the norm and the eye shadow will be of a lighter muted shade. To top up your eye makeup apply two coats of mascara.

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For Your Cheeks

Apply a rosy blush on your cheeks only if your skin complexion is yellowish. For naturally reddish cheeks you better stick to neutral shades. You can make your cheekbones appear prominent by getting a bronzed hue. This can be achieved through a clean sweep of your makeup brush up to the hairline.

The Right Makeup for the Lips

For a sultry appearance go for reddish or burgundy lip colors. You can make your lips appear plump and swollen by using a pepper or cinnamon lip gloss, which work by inflaming your lip surface.

For a muted and conventional look go for colors that are closer to your natural skin tone. Basically, makeup of the lips depends on the type of eye makeup you choose to do.

The Basic Skin Care Regime

Your fair skin is an irreparable asset; guard it with a jealousy that a miser reserves for his gold. Foremost is protection from sun, use sunblocks and umbrella or hats while stepping outside. And follow the basic and regular moisturizing and hydration regimes.

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