4 Diet Tips For Heart Valve Replacement Patients

Mitral or the aortic valve of the heart that basically prevent the mingling of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood beside stopping the back flow may need to be replaced in case of dysfunction or leakage and for this purpose heart valve replacement surgeries are performed which help to resume the normal functioning of the heart.

However, the post op-care involves certain dietary restrictions and inclusion of certain must haves in the daily meals which all need to be scrupulously followed in order to facilitate complete recovery after a heart valve replacement surgery.

4 Diet Tips For Heart Valve Replacement Patients

Low Salt Diet

There is a very good reason for post-op recommendation for low salt diet. While sodium is necessary to maintain the all-important sodium-potassium balance for the smooth working of the cardiac muscles, excess of sodium in blood can be debilitating and a high risk factor especially if you are trying to recuperate from a heart valve replacement surgery.

Sodium in blood attracts fluids and resultantly the blood pressure increases because of the thickening of blood and in such a scenario the heart needs to work that much harder to distribute this thickened blood throughout the body.

The newly replaced valves may not be able to cope up with this increased blood pressure and this may lead to complications in the long run and it becomes that much harder to recuperate from the heart valve surgery.

What the patient requires after this surgery is thinning of blood instead of thickening and high intake of sodium thwarts that. So, follow the diet requirements as charted out by your physician which may be even less than one tea spoon of salt per day following the surgery.

This becomes especially difficult if you are used to packaged and readymade meals. For the duration of post-surgery recovery period you need to prepare meals at home scrupulously following the directions of the physician. Try to make them spicy and aromatic through the use of herbs so that the minimum salt fails to bother you.

Protein Rich Diet

A diet rich in protein can go a long way in the right recovery from a heart valve replacement surgery. The amino acids which are the building blocks of protein facilitate tissue formation and thus help in the upkeep of the newly formed valves.

Inclusion of Vitamin C Containing Foodstuff in the Diet

Citrus fruits are all a rich source of Vitamin C and this vitamin help in collagen tissue formation resultantly the heart valves are well maintained with an increase of Vitamin C consumption.

Omega 3 Acids

Marine fish oil is extremely rich in omega 3 fatty acid and it is also abundantly present in various types of nuts and even flax oil. Inclusion of fish in daily diet also increases the source of these highly beneficial fatty acids.

Besides decreasing the bouts of inflammation occurrence in the heart valves due to endocarditis they help to maintain the general health of the heart thus helping significantly in heart valve replacement surgery recuperation.


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