4 Effective Tips To Break An Emotional Attachment

When a relationship breaks up it is not that a person leaves us but rather it seems that a part of our life is gone forever. An emotional succor lost and it seems that we are stuck in a quagmire from which there is no escape and nowhere to go. When we are deep in a relationship every moment makes us feel cherished and loved with a strong emotional bond that helps us to grow.

Without that prop in our life the mind stops functioning and it feels like we are both blind and lame. Even if we get over the relationship on a superficial level after some time, on a deeper level our heart just doesn’t want to let go so easily. Only when one can get over a relationship on an emotional level as well that true independence really comes but it takes a lot of time and heartburn before we can actually achieve that.

4 Effective Tips To Break An Emotional Attachment

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Do not let your path cross more than absolutely necessary. See as little of each other as you can. Calling up and just being friends is just the euphemism for a half-hearted attempt to get back together. Do not dig that hole for yourself. That road leads to nowhere. If there are visiting rights of child involved then the situation becomes much more complex. Summary disposal is the best way to deal with this situation. See only that much of your ex which is absolutely vital. No reminiscing about old times, this will make it all the more difficult for you to make a clean break.

Stop Mentioning The Name

Talking about the source of all your woes makes it all the more difficult to break the emotional bonding. Don’t bring him up during discussions with friends and relatives. This may be your unconscious attempt to keep his memory alive. If you seriously want to get over a past relationship you need to sever the ties completely. No mentioning names or living in the past. Think ahead in order to build a satisfying future for yourself. Continuous delving into the past will dig up unpleasant memories and you wouldn’t want that kind of complications when you are trying so hard to make a clean break.

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Keep No Mementos

They will just keep reminding of the person you are trying so hard to forget. Try to get rid of the photographs, keepsakes, gifts and even the engagement or wedding ring. Sell them profitably and use the proceedings to give yourself a well-earned vacation which will go a long way in helping you to heal and give you the much needed emotional detachment. Try to build new memories, old ones must not interfere with your deserved happiness.

Take A Break

Remove yourself temporarily from the place where you have shared so many memories together. Take a much craved vacation pursuing all the things you have wanted to pursue forever. In the long run this will help you a lot to break an emotional attachment.

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