4 Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes look great with any skin tone and it is also the color which matches with maximum colored eye makeup. Although it is easy to dress brown eyes because of its neutral look, but they look beautiful and stunning when dressed in a proper manner.

So, if you are confused about what eye makeup or which color will look great on you, then this carefully compiled article can help you solve your problems and sport great eye makeup every time you leave your house.

4 Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes


Almost all eyeliner shades will look great on brown eyes. But if you want to make your eyes look really popped out, then try out some lighter shades like white and silver. White and silver are opposite colors of brown which makes your eye color more distinct. But be careful if you have hazel eyes.

Hazel eyes don’t quite seem to go well with silver eyeliners. On the other hand, bright colors like green, blue and violet add a touch of freshness to brown eyes and make them look more attractive. But if you want to maintain a subtle look for day makeup or office makeup, then going for charcoal black, brown or gray should be the best option for you.

Eye shadows

Just as stated earlier, colors which are opposite to brown on the color chart looks great with brown eyes. Depending on the color of your eyes, brown eyes are easy to maneuver with and offer a whole lot of choices for experimentation. Bright colors like green, purple, navy blue, light blue, pink, mauve, orange, turquoise and steel gray all look great on brown eyes.

Brown eyes can be stylized with any eye shadow colors, but you should normally stay from yellowish eye shadows as they tend to minimize the beauty of brown eyes. You can merge two colors for a more decent look. Using a tint of lighter shades like gray and silver also gives a fresh look to brown eyes; while, black adds a touch of boldness, brown and peach looks quite simple and easy to carry.

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Depending upon your personality, you can choose the best mascara color for your brown eyes. If you like it a bit funky, then go for shades like plum, violet, blue, golden, green, maroon and even pink look great. But if you want to stick to a natural and gorgeous look, then shades of brown, black, gray and blue should be the best choice for you.

Under-eye concealer

Under-eye concealers are a must to hide any imperfections or dark circles around the eyes. Your under-eye concealer should be a tone lighter than your normal skin tone. So, remember this fact while purchasing an under-eye concealer.

Depending upon your ease of use, you can purchase either a stick or brush concealer. To apply the concealer, apply few drops of concealer below the lower lashes. Then using your index finger or ring finger slowly smudge the concealer from the corner of the eyes to the lower edges of the eye. Do not smudge the concealer too much or you will get nothing but darkened eyes.

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