5 Symptoms Of Poor Circulation In Feet

Poor circulation in the feet is due to the various peripheral vascular diseases which may occur due to variety of reasons from renal diseases, thyroid problems, obesity, liver or lung problems, high cholesterol or blood pressure levels and many more such afflictions. Based on the causes various symptoms may occur which indicate towards a poor circulation in the feet.

Symptoms Of Poor Circulation In Feet

Loss of Sensation in the Leg Region

Poor blood circulation in feet area result in numbness of the region. From muted sensations to no sensation and all the symptoms may vary between both these points.

This is due to the fact that decreased blood circulation in the leg region suppresses the functioning of the nerve endings present in the region as a result there is a loss of the sense of touch.

Presence of Cold Feet

If the feet are much colder as compared to the rest of the body temperature, this can be a tell-tale sign of poor blood circulation in the limbs. After all the flow of the blood through our body is what regulates the temperature of the system so it is quite obvious that in the absence of proper blood flow the feet will seem unnaturally cold.

The most common period for developing cold feet is during the time when you are all ready for retiring to bed or at other times when the feet become cold because of immobility for extended periods.

Observe the Color of Your Feet

Poor circulation in the feet region will make them change color from your natural body hue. Based on the severity of the problem the color may vary from a pale color to red and blue shades which is scientifically termed as cyanosis. This color changes are due to the fact that not enough blood is reaching that part to provide the healthy natural glow.

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Wounds that Don’t Heal

This is quite a dangerous symptom because if left untreated the wounds may increase in severity and develop into festering infections that greatly influence the long term well-being of your feet. In case of normal wounds the WBCs present in the blood quickly help in the congealing of the blood before further damage can occur.

However, in case of poor circulation the WBCs are unable to reach the sore point and resultantly the healing gets delayed and is completely at the mercy of external factors like proper medical help.

The problem aggravates when not only the old wounds do not heal new cuts and bruises are formed due to the skin breakage in absence of proper nourishment to that area.

Normal Growth Reduced

Poor blood circulation leads to the lack of proper nourishment and as a result the normal growth procedures in the feet region gets hampered significantly.

he normal growth of toe nails and the hair in the leg region, they all either stop to grow altogether or the rate gets significantly slowed down when compared to say your hands. All these are quite prominent symptoms of poor circulation in feet.


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