Banana Diet

Banana diet is a short term weight loss diet plan. It helps to lose weight on instant basis.

The main meal in case of this diet plan is in the form of banana, which has to be included in your daily diet. Along with banana, it also includes intake of warm water along with every meal.

Banana diet is hugely popular diet, as it helps to increase the metabolism of the body. Banana diet plan helps to improve your immunity and digestion. There are no specific restrictions in case of opting for banana diet plan. There are various benefits and drawbacks of banana diet.

In terms of benefits, you can include all the basic fresh veggies and fruits in your banana diet. It has definite meal plan, so you can opt for snacking in intervals. This helps to reduce your overeating. The diet plan curbs intake of coffee, which is actually beneficial for the body. In case of this diet, you can benefit from calcium intake. The diet plan can be selected according to your choice in foods. Banana is very rich in source of fiber, so it’s beneficial for the body. It helps to reduce the calories on daily basis in case of your diet.

In terms of drawbacks, banana diet is only restricted to food intake. It doesn’t account for any type of physical exercise or breakfast. So, this can have some side implication on the body. It is not apt for people who like intake of specified meal plan. In case of this diet plan, there are no fruits or veggies excluded. Some people don’t find this diet plan flexible in nature.

In case of breakfast, you can include two portions of bananas with two warm glasses of milk. You can also increase the intake of your banana. In terms of lunch, you can include basic veggies in stir fried form. You can also include one portion of fruit in terms of your lunch.

In terms of snacking, you can include two portions of fruits along with some assorted nuts. In case of dinner; you can include basic salads with low cal food dressing. However, intake of sweet is restricted in case of dinner.

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