Best Ways To Stop Hair Loss During Menopause

Menopause is a time of great changes in the women’s body, the hormonal turbulences that occur during this time expresses itself through variety of physical problems, one of which is the loss of hair. Simple dietary regimes and healthy lifestyle changes may go a long way in helping women to cope with this sudden spurt in hair fall during menopause.

The Right Diet To Stop The Hair Loss During Menopause

A nutrition rich diet that counters the effects of a poor metabolism during menopause in women can help effectively in stopping the hair loss. Eat a diet rich in the necessary vitamins A, E, C and K which are essential for the growth and maintenance of the tresses. Eat lots of proteins because proteins are the building blocks of cell and promote cell division.

As a result, new hair growth is initiated and the hair falling stops completely because the right nourishment reaches the follicles in a better manner. So, it is must to include the protein rich meat in your diet like cheese, poultry, eggs, fishes and the other various animal proteins. In order to counter this surfeit of proteins, balance your diet through inclusion of lots of green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits, especially the citrus varieties such as oranges which are extremely rich in the Vitamin C content.

Surfeit of nutrients of every hue is essential because of the decreased capabilities of the body to absorb the nutrients during menopause. A diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids initiate the hair growth plentifully. These omega 3 fatty acids are found in large quantities in marine fish oils such as the cod liver oil. Inclusion of marine fish in the diet also helps in getting these essential fatty acids in the right manner.

Along with the right diet, menopausal women may require additional dietary support in the form of food supplements in order to stop the hair loss during this difficult transition time. However, it is better to consult your gynecologist or a nutrition specialist to get the right diagnosis and to find out which supplements will work best in your specific condition.


Exercises are essential for complete body health and also help in the initiation the hair growth during menopause. Keep yourself fit through regular walking, aerobics and freehand, which will increase the circulation to the scalp and facilitate hair growth. Scalp exercises using your fingers using natural organic warm oils will go a long way in restoring your hair to its lost glory.

Exercises increase the metabolic processes of the body helping in the absorption of nutrients in a better manner; however you will need to be regular with your exercises in order to receive the full benefits.

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Hormonal Props

For serious condition of hair loss it is better to consult your doctor for the right remedial measures, who may recommend certain hormonal treatments especially those including the hormone estrogen in order to facilitate the hair growth and completely stop the loss of hair through falling.


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