Breast Massage Techniques

Regular breast massage can be helpful in case of strengthening your breast tissues. Breast massage has become a vital part of breast care. Breast massage increases the blood circulation in your breast area, which helps to make your breasts firm.

Breast massage also helps to keep your breasts in shape, and prevents from sagging of breasts. Regular breast massage also prevent from various breast related diseases. If you opt for self breast massage, you should be aware of right technique of massage. You can also use various oils and herbs in case of breast massage.

Here are some steps or techniques of breast massage:

In case of self breast massage technique, your position plays an imperative role. You can use a back support or pillow in this case. You can also use a shoulder support in this case. You can use lavender oil in case of breast massage.

Lavender oil is effective in developing breast tissues. It also helps to make breasts firm in shape. Take some oil in your hand and gently massage in circular motion. In case of breast massage, try and spend five minutes on each breast. Right massage technique can help to increase the blood flow in your breast area. This in turn can make your breasts healthy.

Another technique of breast massage is in the form of massaging clock wise. You can also use a breast cream in this massage technique. Massage your breasts in clock and anti clock wise. This helps to prevent your breasts from sagging. This massage technique makes your breasts firm in shape.

One more massage technique is in the form of knead technique. With the help of your fingers, you can massage your breasts gently. This technique helps to make your breast tissues strong. You can practice this technique twice in a week for effective results.

These are some of the breast massage techniques you can follow.

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