Dress for Skin Tone

It’s very imperative to dress according to skin tone. Many a times, we tend to opt for colors, which don’t suit the skin. As a result, it also affects our overall personality. While choosing a particular dress, always look for your skin tone color.

There are many colors which look vibrant according to skin type. While there may be many different colors which tend to look dull according to skin tone. So, it all depends on the color you choose according to your personality. You can also choose a dress according to color of your eyes.

Here are some basic factors you may consider:

You can choose according to basic colors. Dress colors can relate to cool, bright and moderate colors. Bright colored dresses go with lighter shade in your skin tone. You can choose bright colors if you have an even skin tone. Usually, bright colored dresses don’t suit darker tone.

For darker tones; you can choose dresses which are moderate in shade. In terms of darker tone, you can also choose dresses which are light in color. Moderate skin tone women can choose dresses which are cool by color. This is suitable to every skin type.

Colors also depict different feeling. Red color is normally associated with passion and love. So, women normally prefer this color on a date. Black is a universal color, it can be suited to every skin type. Black color looks good on every skin tone.

It’s well suited to moderate and dark skin tone. Black color is mostly chosen in party attire. On normal basis, many women tend to select this color in formal wear.

Dark colors can also make your appear skimmer. Many chubby women tend to select this color on casual basis. You can choose cool colors for every season. Colors like green and blue may be suitable to every skin type. And, these colors never go out of trend. They are suitable according to individual choice and preference.

In summer season, pastel shades can be chosen in your dresses. Pastel shades like brown and yellow are also suitable to every skin tone.

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