Easy Tips To Make Natural Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup removers cause allergic reactions in many women and as such organic, natural products work better for them. While such removers which are made from natural ingredients are quite available in the market it is a better idea to prepare eye makeup removers at home because this will not only save your lot of money, you are going to know exactly what has gone into preparing the product and can choose the ingredients that work best for your skin.

Eye Makeup Remover Using Organic Oils

In a bottle mix together grape seed and olive oil and shake it well, now this can be kept for further use in future. Another way to make this makeup remover is by mixing together almond with some amount of castor oil in the bottle. Now add to it some cornflower solution in water and shake well. This remover can be used every day without any apprehensions regarding the health of your eyes.

Eye Makeup Remover Using Aloe Juice

Mix together olive oil along with some coconut and castor oil in a bottle. Now add on chamomile drops and aloe juice, put on the cap and shake till the ingredients mix well. For longer use refrigerate it and it can remain up to a month. This eye makeup remover is quite good for the sensitive skin around the eyes and for those who are allergic to readymade eye makeup cosmetic products.

This provides optimum nourishment and keeps this delicate region healthy. If the eye makeup remover is applied in the cold state after directly taking out from the refrigerator it is good for the eyes since it cures the puffiness and relieves the tension and tiredness of the day and gives a relaxing and soothing effect.

Eye Makeup Remover Using Baby Oil And Baby Shampoo

Pour out some baby oil in a bowl, now take a cotton ball and dip in the baby oil and start removing the eye makeup using gentle motion. Fresh cotton ball needs to be used and the process repeated till all the eye makeup including the mascara and the eyeliner is removed. Now when the initial surface is cleaned up, use a clean cotton ball to clear away the excess oil from the eye region.

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And rinse away using lukewarm water. The application of the baby oil is followed by the use of baby shampoo. Take some amount of the baby shampoo in the palm of your hands and work up a lather using water. Now apply gently but thoroughly in the eye region avoiding the tear ducts. The residual makeup will all get cleared away with the use of the baby shampoo.

Use lukewarm water to wash off the shampoo and get a completely clean and rejuvenating effect. Pat dry with the help of a soft towel and cap it all up through the right moisturizing regime. This moisturization is extremely important since the baby shampoo has a drying effect on the skin.


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