Effective Tips To Choose Colored Contacts

Colored contact lenses are ideal for an eye makeover.You can flaunt your favorite movie star looks by wearing different color contacts.They are quite easy to use and remove which adds to their appeal.Here are some of the things you need to know while choosing them.

Visit An Optometrist

An optometrist prescription is a must before you decide on contact lenses. You need to get your eyes checked even before using the non-corrective cosmetic varieties.

Contacts sold without prescriptions are prevalent in the flea markets, gas stations and salons etc.However, it must be remembered that they are violating the dictates of the FDA by selling in those places.Don’t become a part of this illegal trade and avoid them at all costs.


Colored contacts are available in three different tints.

Visibility Or Regular Color Contacts

As the name suggest use color just to be better visible. You can see them better while putting them on or removing. Also, they don’t get camouflaged easily so it’s no chore looking for them. These contacts use light green or blue that doesn’t interfere with your natural eye color.

Translucent Color Contacts

Enhance the natural color of your eyes giving it a deeper shade. These do not change the eye color in any way. So, if you have light colored eyes and want to upgrade to a more intense look, color enhancing contacts are just the thing for you. For example, a person having light blue eyes may choose royal blue enhancer to get deep blue eyes; or you may get a beautiful aqua effect for your light green eyes by using blue contacts.

Opaque Color Lenses

Opaque Color Lenses should be your choice if you are fade-up with your eye color and want to experiment, or simply are in mood for doing something out of your league.You can go for opaque lenses if you have deep color eyes.Nowadays, manufactures are trying to mimic every natural iris color to develop their range, so you have a wide variety of shades to choose from.

Choose The Right Color

Review different colors, browse through them, try out different shades, and take your time in general.You can also consult the optometrist who will give suggestions regarding how different colors may suit you.Only when you are completely sure that a particular color is going to suit you perfectly you should go ahead and buy.


While buying a contact take some time to understand your purpose.What kind of a contact lens do you really want? Is it going to be a permanent fixture or are you just experimenting.Disposable varieties of colored contacts are quite inexpensive and they last for about a month.

Even daily contacts are available for one time use.They are a good option for sampling and for trying out different looks.After you become comfortable with a particular color you may upgrade to the more permanent varieties.

Whatever color or type of contact lens you may choose to wear, just make sure that they don’t look out of place with regards to your natural look. That will give a fake or added on effect spoiling your masquerade.


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