Effective Tips To Cure Level One Baldness

When treatment measures are taken during the early stages when the hair loss has just begun, it is possible to regrow the tresses so that further loss can be curbed effectively. When we start to lose hair we do not give much thought to prevent its occurrence forgetting that this is our scalps way of saying that something is going wrong and you need remedial measures.

Only when it becomes too late and the precious hair is lost forever creating marked baldness do we think of treatments. This is how you can cure level one baldness using some simple and easy to use methods.

The Right Shampoo To Cure Level One Baldness

The harsh chemicals used in the readymade hair care products damage the hair irreparably. It is difficult to cure this damage done, still switching to an all-natural range helps to cure the problem to a certain extent. Try to apply natural herbal shampoos to the tresses like those containing natural organic and essential oils along with the various herb extract that nourishes the roots and facilitate hair growth.

The regular use of natural herbal shampoos and conditioners will be quite effective in curing the level one baldness. The applications of spray conditioners that have a detangling effect are quite light and as such do not add pressure to the already loose tresses.

Using The Right Comb

The rampant hair loss may also be due to the fact that you are being harsh on the tresses and adding undue pressure by wielding your comb all wrong. First of all it is important to remember that it is better to comb out dry hair for detangling purposes. Combing the wet tresses just after shampooing weakens the roots and accelerates the hair loss.

If you are hell-bent on curing the level one baldness take care to use only a wide-toothed comb and do it gently working on the tangles individually by sectioning off the hair. Start from the lower end and gradually proceed towards the upper part. Again natural-bristled brushes are better than the synthetic bristled ones; you may also use ionic brushes that cause minimum damage.

The Right Diet

A well balanced diet gives nourishment and strength from inside the body and increase the strength of the hair roots by supplying the right nutrients to the hair follicles. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and dairy products in equal and sufficient measures so that no nutrition giving element is left behind.

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The vitamins like A and E are quite important for the hair development and as such the food items containing them must be included in the daily diet if you really want to cure your level one baldness. You may also try out food supplements to supply the body requirements. However before opting for the supplements it is better to consult your physician who is in a better position to suggest the right ones which will be most effective in curing the hair loss and curb shedding.


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