Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Frizz From The Ponytail

Fluffs in the ponytail used to be a style way back, however nowadays women want to go for a straight, sophisticated look. There are some simple methods to get rid of frizz from the ponytail.

Tips To Get Rid Of Frizz From The Ponytail

The Basic Touch-up Method

You can get rid of those frizzies from your ponytail through the use of styling gel products, however care must be taken not to overdo the use of such products since they make your hair look quite greasy and messy, giving you an unkempt, dirty look.

For the right application take some amount of the styling gel in the palm of your hands and gradually rub the product on the hair ends thoroughly. It is important to restrict the use of the gel on the hair ends, if you apply it on all your tresses there is a danger of spoiling the look because of extreme oiliness.

After you touch up the ends satisfactorily it is time to apply the styling gel on the hair line near your ears however do not touch your bangs with the styling product. Now you can secure your tresses into a ponytail.

For getting a final perfect effect administer the hair near the ears and in the forehead region with a hairspray after smoothing the contours with the help of your fingers. For immediate touch-ups you can administer hair straightener on the fluffy ends of your ponytail and now you are ready to go.

Continuous Care of Your Hair Through Regular Trimmings

Trimming your hair on a regular basis is the best method for the right upkeep of the tresses. Besides completely getting rid of split ends and adding volume and health to your hair, trimming also helps in getting rid of the frizzed ends of your ponytail.

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Trimming means getting rid of 1/2’’ length of hair from the ends every two months. This can be either done at home or you may even seek professional help. If you can continue with this regime on a regular basis the frizzies in your ponytail will fail to bother you in the long run, since they will vanish away in the most natural way.

Say No To Heat Treatments

If you are being bothered very much because of the presence of frizzies in you ponytail it is time that you say a complete no to all heat styling instruments. This is the best and long term method of getting rid of the problem for good.

From blow dryers to heat styling rods they all take something precious from your tresses every time they are used. Besides damaging and drying out the hair they render them completely unmanageable after some time escalating the occurrence of fizz.

Instead of blow drying let your wet tresses dry out naturally and some remaining wetness will rather help to keep the moisture layer intact on the strands preventing further damage. However, if you are unable to keep off from machine drying switch over to an ionic dryer instead.


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