Getting Rid Of Breast Hair

Facial hair is common in case of face and body. And, there are many ways in which you can get rid of facial hair. But, breast hair is little uncommon in nature. Though forty percent of women today, have breast hair. The main reason for the breast hair is hormonal imbalance in the body.

There can be other factors for breast hair such as hereditary and stress. The hair thickness, in case of breast hair depends on growth. They can be sparse or they can be thick. Depending on the nature of breast hair, removal can be opted.

Tips To Rid Of Breast Hair

There are varied methods; you can opt in case of excessive breast hair. The most common method of getting rid of breast hair is through scissors. You can trim the breast hair in case of sparse hair. Trimming of hair stops breast hair growth to some extent. Another method in getting rid of breast hair is, by plucking.

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Though, plucking of hair in the breast area can be painful for some. But, plucking of hair helps to get rid of hair in a convenient way. And, plucking of hair lessens growth of hair for a long time.

Other methods to get rid of breast hair include bleach and wax. These are among the two most conservative methods for hair removal. Bleaching is the easiest form of hair removal in case of breasts. Small hair can easily be covered under bleaching. Many women stick to this method of hair removal, simply because it’s a painless process. Other method is waxing.

This is only a simple method, but it involves little pain. The area around the breast is too sensitive, so waxing gives problems in removal of hair. Many women also use shaving in case of breast hair removal. But, it is not so useful; hair growth is faster after shaving.

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