Home Remedies for Fester

Fester is usually caused by bacteria which further develop in pus boil. Fester boils normally contain pus like formation. There can be various other causes for the condition of fester. It can include any type of pollution or accident.

Though festers are curable in nature and can be treated easily. In some conditions, it can also become chronic in nature. There are medications and creams available which can cure the condition of fester. You can also cure fester keeping in mind some natural remedies.

Here are some natural tips to cure the condition of fester:

Honey is very effective in curing the condition of fester. You can take some honey and directly apply it to your fester. Try to leave it for some time, till it is dried. It provides effective results when applied on daily basis. You can apply these two or three times. You can also opt for having honey in warm water for curing condition of fester.

Olive oil is effective for curing your fester in a positive manner. You can directly apply some olive oil on your fester. Try to leave it for some time, till it softens the area completely. This helps to reduce the pain caused by festers.

It also helps to remove the pus in festers. You can apply olive oil on daily basis two to three times in a day. You can also put some olive oil in your hot water bath. This also provides respite from condition of festers.

Garlic is good for naturally curing your festers. Try and make a paste of garlic in natural form. Apply this on your festers and keep it for some time. Garlic can cause some burning sensation on your festers.

But, eventually it reduces the pain caused by festers. Daily application of garlic paste helps to drain out the pus in chronic festers. so, this is an effective remedy for curing your festers.

Try and include green tea in your daily diet for curing festers. Green tea is effective in reducing any type of pain caused by festers. You can opt for having green tea two times in day for effective relief from festers.

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