Home Remedies for Swelling of Feet

Swelling of feet is a common problem, which most of the people face on daily basis. However, the main causes for swelling of feet can relate to condition of arthritis or kidney problem.

In many cases, vitamin deficiency or sodium retention can also cause swelling of feet. Swelling of feet can also be caused due to side implication of particular medicine. However, this again depends on individual body type of a person. There are medications which help to cure the condition of swelling of feet. But, you can also opt for certain natural remedies which may help to reduce the condition in an effective way.

Here are some natural remedies for swelling of feet:

For swelling of feet, you can opt for application of lime juice. It helps to reduce the condition of swelling in an effective manner. You can opt for one tablespoon of lime juice with one tea spoon of olive oil. Try and massage this on the area of feet swelling for fifteen minutes. It helps to provide respite from the pain caused by the condition.

Baking powder is effective for condition of swelling of feet. You can take one table spoon of baking powder in tub of warm water. Now, soak your feet in this water for some time. It helps to reduce your swelling and pain in a positive manner.

Tea tree oil is also effective for respite from swelling of feet. You can opt for massage with tea tree oil in the affected area two to three times in a day. You can also opt for tea tree oil in warm water and soak your feet into it. It helps to reduce the swelling caused by various reasons.

Cold compress is also very effective for relief from swelling of feet. You can also opt for swap method in this case. You can opt for cold compresses and then hot compresses in terms of effective relief from pain caused by the condition. This is helpful in excessive swelling of your feet.

These are some of the natural remedies you can keep in mind for swelling of feet.

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