How To Find And Date A Nice Guy At Bar

Looking for a nice guy in a bar? You will certainly find a host of single men in a bar, but it is unlikely to find a nice one as they are a rare breed now. Although rare, they are not yet extinct. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a nice guy from whom you can expect a long lasting relationship, you need to look for him at the right place. So never expect to find your Mr. Nice in some cheesy bar, instead go to a decent bar with a group of friends.

Dress Sensibly

You know that you are looking for a guy. However, you should never let everyone know it by acting desperately. You should be prepared for not getting to meet the right kind of people. In such a situation, have fun with your group of friends and return. It is not necessary that you go on hunting and you get a good catch. Always keep in mind that if you make friends, you will know people better and some of them may turn out to be single. That will keep things in your hand. You will have more options to choose your man. Another rule is, do not show much of skin; be well dressed but not underdressed! You may choose an off shoulder number if you want, but choose an accessory that will highlight your neckline.

Making The First Move

You must look for men who are single and ready to mingle. So, eye those people who might also be looking for girls. Study the body language and determine whether a guy is also scanning the bar and checking out girls, or waiting for his date. If you find a guy interesting, you can make the first move. However, the move should be smart, you should not give an impression that you are alone or seek company, and so you are there to speak to him. The first move should be very subtle. Be with your friends and position yourself so that he can notice you. Try to make an eye contact with him and smile at him. He is sure to put a second glance at you. Smile at him again and he is sure gotten a hint that you are interested in him.

Be Relaxed

Since you are in a bar, you need to relax. Some drinks will calm down your nerves and relax you a bit. However, always keep it minimal. You may choose to have cocktails that have very less alcohol content. You should never let booze take over you. You have to control the situation yourself and alcohol will clog your mind. It is usual to get influenced by alcohol that you will end up selecting a person who is completely opposite of how you had wanted him to be. If you meet your guy at the counter, try breaking the ice by saying something witty. Never directly comment on his looks or ask his name. Doing that gives an impression that you are trying too hard.

You can always start by asking about his drink which looks interesting to you, or commenting about the place. That would keep the conversation flowing smoothly.There are guys who think that a girl at the bar who is easily approachable is fit for only short term relationships. You need to analyze the mindset of the person you are speaking. You certainly do not want to fall in the wrong hands. So do not try to flirt with a person without knowing him properly. If you have to have a long lasting relationship with a nice guy, his thoughts and ideas should match with yours. It is better to have a friendly chat with him, postpone the flirting part till you understand him better, and reach a comfort level with him.

Set Your Priorities Right

Set your priorities in mind. You should always know that what questions can help you judge a person without letting him feel that you are probing him. The bars have everything to set the mood right. When the lights are dim and your favorite music is playing, you may end up feeling good about everything that surrounds you. That includes the guy you are interested in. You should be alert coz the guy may not be like the one you always wanted. He may be looking out for someone who is just interested in casual dating. Look for guys who are there to chill out after a busy week. It is not difficult to determine that a particular guy is there for a hook up or just to relax.

If a guy approaches you and asks you out directly, you should understand what is going on in his mind. Also, beware of those who try to be too close to you or try to get cozy. Those guys are dangerous and are a strict no-no. If a guy seems to be too smart and absolutely charming and pleasing, you should take time to understand him better. He may be the one with a bit too much of experience. He may be looking for just another conquest and may not have anything serious to do with you.The list of do’s and don’ts are unending. You may have many tactics up your sleeve. You may have a lot of tips to attract the right kind of guy, but things do not always work out in favor.

It is not a simple task. It is a decision that you will have to accept your whole life. Unless you are prepared to take risks and experiment till you find the ‘Mr. Right’, you must be very cautious. As men are many but if you sift out the nice men, it will turn out to be very few. A feeling is always there in the minds of women looking for nice guys, that they have already been taken. You should shun this notion and look for your guy with a positive attitude, and you are sure to find the soul mate.

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