How To Get A Salon Quality Highlight At Home

Getting your hair highlighted in a salon can be quite expensive. While they look great and increase the beauty and look of your tresses manifolds, many times we back away from getting it done because we need to consider our purse. Won’t it be grandiose if you can highlight the hair sitting right at home and that too by yourself? This is how you can achieve that.

Highlight Your Long Tresses

Highlights can be of many types from only slight and subtle shading to enhance the natural beauty, to the use of bold and strong strokes to make an emphatic statement. First of all you will need to choose which kind of highlighting you prefer and what kind of you look want to sport. Once you decide now it is time to go and get the highlighting kit from the market, for your long hair get one which contains a brush for application.

For covert shading the hair color will be lighter than the natural tone and to sport the bold look go for bright red to blond shades. However, whatever you choose do not pick one which is completely incongruous with the natural color of your hair and one which will look completely out of place. The highlighter should be applied on completely dry hair for a really gorgeous effect.

Once all the instruments are ready prepare yourself for coloring by putting on a worn out shirt in order to prevent your dress from getting ruined. The instructions on the package should be read carefully before proceeding. For long hair the best place to put the highlights is near the face and on the bangs. Once you have decided on the sections where the highlights need to be applied mix up the hair color and use the brush by dipping in the mixture.

For subtle coloring effect just skim the surface and for a bolder shade go deeper. You can always mix and match with bolder strokes up front and the subtle highlighting towards the back so that the tresses shimmer tantalizingly with the play of the light increasing your face value to the maximum effect. Now rinse thoroughly so that no trace of color is left and apply a conditioner for the highlight setting.

For Highlighting The Short Hair

For highlighting the short hair a highlighting cap is available with the package which must sit quite snugly on your head and now tie the strings of the cap for a perfect setting. The marked holes on the cap should be made with the help of a hook given with the highlighting kit. For the subtle coloring pull out small sections of the hair with the help of the hook and for bolder strokes you will need to go deeper.

When all the desired sections for the coloring have been pulled out put on the applicator gloves and mix the color. Now coat the strands thoroughly. Once all the hair sections are covered, place a plastic sheet over the strands for a better setting. Use an old towel to rub off the excess color from the hair and later rinse off thoroughly and condition.


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