How to Grow Nails

Healthy nails help to enhance beauty of hand in a woman. Many women face problems related to weak and brittle nails.

The main cause for this condition can relate to deficiency of vitamins and calcium in your body. Other cause for condition of healthy nails can relate to dehydration.

If you don’t have excess amount of water, it can cause weak nails. It’s vital to have a good diet in order to keep your nails healthy in nature. You can also keep your nails healthy by external application of essential oils for your nails.

Here are some tips you may consider for growing nails faster:

You can opt for regular nail care with the help of beauty oils. These oils can be in the form of olive oil and almond oil. These oils help to soften your cuticle area and make your nails stronger. Olive oil also helps to bring natural shine on your nails.

Try and consider application of raw milk on your nails. This is very effective for condition of weak nails. You can also opt for some honey in this milk and apply it on daily basis. It’s the most effective way to keep your nails healthy.

You can have vegetable juices for complete hydration. These juices are very effective for providing with essential vitamins. Try to include max foods which are good in calcium for your healthy nails. You can also include dairy products for this.

Include eggs on regular basis in your diet plan, as it has a positive impact on condition of your nails. You can also include green veggies for your healthy and strong nails.

Veggies in the form of avocado and broccoli are good for your healthy nails. You can also include foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids for your body.

When you moisturize your hands with the help of cream, try and apply some moisturizer to your nails as well. This also helps to make a difference in your nail. Daily application of creams can help to keep your nails healthy.

These are some simple tips to keep your nails healthy and shiny.

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