How To Remove Temporary Color From Hair

Temporary hair color remain on the tresses for the duration of about a month, and thereafter will wash off through natural progression. However, if some gross mistake was made during the coloring procedure you may not have any choice but to find some way to obliterate the mistake made and regain a clean slate so that the mistake can be rectified in a proper manner.

While products are available in the market which effectively remove the wrong coloring, the better option is to make use of natural products that help to remove temporary color from your tresses quickly, without any side effects of any kind.

Ways To Remove Temporary Color From Hair

Use Of Hot Water

Multiple washings with hot water is quite effective in removing the hair quickly enough, especially if done within the first 24 hours of the color application. Use a clarifying hair shampoo for better results. Repeated use of the shampoo may become necessary.

If the hot water measures are taken within minutes after the color application you may become successful in getting rid of the temporary color in a thorough manner to your satisfaction without much hassle. Once your target result is achieved curb the damage done to the tresses because of the multiple washings by using a conditioner that uses natural ingredients like shea butter and the various essential oils.

Hot Oil Treatment

In a saucepan pour some live oil and place it on a flame to heat it up. Taking care not to burn your fingers or scalp allow it to cool off a bit and then apply on the strands covering each one thoroughly. Put a shower cap on the top of your head and tuck in all the hair and let it remain in such a manner for about half an hour.

Now repeat the procedure of hot water application in accompaniment of the clarifying shampoo. The hot oil will make the removal of the temporary hair color easier without denuding the inherent moisture present on the scalp as a result of the repeated washings. Coconut or almond and jojoba oil can also be used in place of olive oil.

As can be gleaned from the above two methods the key factor in both the cases is the heat involved. The warmer the products you apply on the hair for the temporary hair removal, the more effective results will you get from the application.

Vinegar Lemon Mixture For Temporary Color Removal

Freshly squeezed lemon juice has a great natural bleaching effect. It can be used effectively in combination of vinegar for removal of temporary color from hair quickly enough and naturally at the same time. In a bowl squeeze the juice out of one lemon. Now add one cup of cider vinegar to the lemon juice and mix for an even consistency.

Using your fingers or a hair brush cover every strand on your head using the mixture and put on a shower cap to tuck the hair in; remain so for half an hour and then rinse off using lukewarm water, followed by a conditioner application.


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