How To Use Lemon Juice To Stop Zit Redness

Lemon juice has great astringent and disinfectant properties that help in stopping the redness of the zits present on the face. However, regular application of the juice is quite vital if you want to be successful in your endeavor.

Tips To Stop Zit Redness With Lemon Juice

Clean Your Face

Use a cleansing lotion with the help of a cotton ball and apply it on your face. Remove all the stale makeup along with the dirt and grime for the lemon juice to be effective. Now use some warm water to rinse the face thoroughly and then pat dry with the help of a soft towel. Do not rub your face for drying because the zits will be irritated in turn increasing the symptoms of redness.

Collect The Juice

The acidic properties of the lemon juice work best when squeezed freshly. Hoard lemons in your refrigerator so that you can use them at your leisure and as many times as required. In a bowl collect some freshly squeezed juice of lemon.

The Application

For to the point application on the problem area a cotton swab works best. Dip one of the ends of the swab in the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Now this soaked tip is to be placed on the red area for more than a minute. Repeat this application on all of the remaining zit areas that have developed a reddish hue giving one minute halt each and every time.

When all the unsightly zit areas have been covered thoroughly leave the application on the face from fifteen minutes to half an hour so that the acid present in the lemon juice is allowed to work its magic effectively. When the dried up juice make you feel a tightening in the face area especially in the regions where it was applied, the time has come to rinse it off.

The rinsing should be done by using lukewarm water in such a way that no traces of the juice remain on the facial skin. Now with the help of a soft towel pat dry using gentle motions. This process needs to be repeated every day and that to twice daily till the redness of the zits get completely obliterated. Apply it once during the morning hours and another time before you go to bed.


Lemon juice although every effective has drying effects on your skin, so it is important that the right moisturizing cream is applied on the skin after using the lemon juice. Honey can be mixed with the lemon juice while applying on the zits for a moist treatment. The effective moisturization of the skin is necessary to prevent the peeling of the surface because of the drying effect.


One downside of using the lemon juice technique for getting rid of the redness caused by the presence of zits is that you need to keep your skin away from the direct rays of the sun, which may result in severe sunburn. therefore use a sunblock cream each time you step outdoors.


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