Is Coffee Good or Bad?

There has been a long debate on the topic of caffeine and its effects on body. Some people say coffee is good for health. While some others differ, coffee is bad for health. Well, this statement will always remain in contradiction. Coffee has its own positive and negative points in case of health. Let’s take a look at its positive and negative points.

In case of positive points, coffee has properties which fight against diseases like cancer. It contains boron, which helps prevent against diseases. Caffeine is also good in case of digestion problems. Drinking coffee is beneficial in case of people suffering from diabetes. Coffee is also effective in case of loss of appetite. It has been proven that coffee is effective in case of metal concentration.

A person suffering from excessive headache gets instant relief in case of caffeine. Coffee is also beneficial in control of heart diseases. Drinking two cups of coffee in a day can help you to reduce weight in an effective manner. Coffee acts as an instant mood reliever. There are various other benefits in case of drinking coffee.

The negative points of coffee include bad breath, addiction and stains. Drinking excessive coffee in a day is the main cause of stains in your teeth, especially if you are addicted to black coffee. It has been proven that coffee is addictive in nature. The caffeine properties in coffee make it addictive in nature. Once a person gets addicted to coffee, it’s hard to leave the same. Drinking coffee is a cause of bad breath in a person. Coffee is also associated with stress levels of a person. Drinking more than four cups of coffee in a day can cause higher stress levels.

Though, coffee has its good and bad side, it can’t be avoided in any case.

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