Signs A Friendship Is Turning Into Love

Falling in love with your best buddy might make you feel a bit awkward at the initial stages, but slowly it turns into a lifelong bond, if you know that its actually ‘love’ that has appeared between both of you. It’s very natural for an individual to fall in love with the person who is closest to him or her.It’s quite obvious that when you fall for your pal, you get pretty puzzled- you don’t know how to express it to him and how to share your feeling with anyone else, because you used to share everything with this buddy of yours who’s relationship with you suddenly turned into something more than just friendship.

You are scared of losing him, because it might hurt him if he doesn’t feel the same for you. Here are certain signs that can help you make sure that the friendship you guys are sharing is actually turning into a romantic bonding:

The Behavior Changed Suddenly!

When a friendship is turning into love, both the partners can feel a change in their body languages. A little transformation in his attitude or approach can help you to understand your friend’s intention. Is he trying to be flirty with you? Does it seem that he is trying to convey something to you through his eyes? Is he trying to touch you more often? Is the touch ‘different’ from what is used to be? If the answers of these questions are yes, then think about it; this might be a signal to something new. Both of you might start expecting a lot from each other. In that process, if your expectations don’t get fulfilled, you feel like saying loads to that friend turned love of yours but something stops you.

Are You Behaving Strangely At Times?

Sometimes you might wonder- “Why am I feeling bad if he is not around?” This is normal if you are in love. You might find your own behavior, a bit surprising at times. You may feel jealous when you see him with other female companions. Possessiveness do occur between close buddies but when you are in love, your possessiveness for that person becomes a bit more similar to jealousy. If you are missing the person throughout the day, dreaming about him more often (even when you are awake!) and yearning to meet him, you are in love, my dear!

Receiving Late-Night Phone Calls And Texts

When friendship is turning into love, your communication will automatically increase. He may send you regular texts and end it with a ‘love you’ note. Both of you may also start enjoying talking to each other at night. Your topic of discussions will no longer be on regular things; when its love, topics will be about future of both of you, your likes, dislikes, and compliments too. You might feel like discussing your future with him and vise versa.So, if you suddenly start feeling that your friendship is turning into love, then be relaxed and enjoy the feeling of butterflies in your stomach!

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