Signs And Symptoms Of Hardening Of The Arteries

The hardening of the arteries is medically termed as arteriosclerosis and the main reason for the occurrence of this phenomenon is long term high blood pressure.

Increased pressure puts strain on the wall of the arteries and in the long run results in their thickening, which hinders the free flow of blood through them.

This condition is known as arteriosclerosis. Poor dietary habits coupled with mostly sedentary lifestyle aggravate the problem and the results may be quite severe if medical intervention does not come in time.

Initial Signs And Symptoms Of Hardening Of The Arteries

The very first symptoms of arteriosclerosis are quite similar to other forms of cardiac disease like fatigue, dizziness, breathlessness, weakness in arms and legs, palpitations of the heart and pain in the chest and the abdominal region.

This results due to the decreased oxygen supply to the vital organs of the body due to the restricted functioning of the arteries. Another important early symptom may be the slow healing process of wounds on the various parts of the body because of poor blood circulation.

Chest Pains

One form of chest pain is Angina pectoris which occurs due to the lack of oxygen supply to the heart muscles. Arteriosclerosis is the main culprit in the occurrence of angina pectoris.

The symptoms of angina are quite similar to those of incipient heart attack breathlessness, fatigue, weakness, and extreme chest pain. The symptoms of angina aggravate in cases where there is physical exertion involved.

Pain and Weakness of Hand and Legs

Due to arteriosclerosis the blood supply to the peripheral arteries gets hindered and resultantly there is pain in the arms and legs. Also there may be weakness of pulse in the wrist or feet along with lack of energy in movement. Wounds take plenty of time to heal which may lead to serious infections in the long run.

Ischemic Stroke

Decreased oxygen supply to the brain due to arteriosclerosis can lead to serious complications like the occurrence of ischemic attack. Extreme weakness along with fatigue and dizziness and numbness on one side of the body are some of the mild symptoms of arteriosclerosis.

However in serious conditions there may be temporary paralysis present on one side of the body along with problem in speech. Such a condition will require immediate medical intervention.

Problem in Walking

In arteriosclerosis there is pain and numbness in the legs while walking which disappears during rest in mild cases however in severe cases the pain may be present even while resting.

The skin breaks up leading to infection and if left untreated and in absence of medical intervention the infection can even escalate to a level where there may come a time when even amputation can be required.

Other Symptoms

The symptoms of arteriosclerosis vary on the location of artery which is affected for example the arteriosclerosis of the carotid artery lead to problem in the cardiac region and similarly the arteriosclerosis of the peripheral artery hinder the working of the limbs.

Thus based on the artery affected symptoms may include renal failure and even erectile dysfunction.


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