Signs Of Infatuation

Infatuation is a short term attraction towards a particular person. Infatuation is unusual than love. You can have feelings for the person, but that can be based on short term attraction. The emotions of love are in pure and genuine form. On the other hand infatuation is just a feeling of love.

Here Are Some Signs Of Infatuation You Can Keep In Mind

Love is unconditional in nature. You can’t expect the feeling of return in terms of love. On the other hand, in infatuation you expect a reciprocal behavior. In case of love, you don’t expect anything, love is self less in nature. But, in terms of infatuation you may have conditions and demands. In case of infatuation you can have anxiety.

In most of the cases, infatuation is related to physical attributes. In case of love there is a mental and physical compatibility. But, infatuation is mostly related to attraction of physical being. This may not be factual in all the cases. But, the percentage of this factor can be higher. In case of infatuation, there is no emotional compatibility. So, it’s different from the feeling of being in love.

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In case of infatuation, you imagine everything in return. This can also relate to your feelings. But, in case of love, you don’t anticipate anything. Love can be related to unconditional feeling for any person.

Infatuation is associated with the feeling of anxiety, desire and need. In case of infatuation your need is more than your feelings. On the other hand, in case of love, the feelings are superior to needs. So, there is a difference in both the feeling of love and infatuation.

Infatuation is also related to short term addiction. You can get addicted to the person. But, love is in a more subtle form. There is no urgency in case of love. It’s just based on pure need of feelings and emotions. These are some signs of infatuation, you can keep in mind.

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