Signs You Are Being Bullied

Bulling at workplace is common. But, we hardly recognize its signs. So, do you know how many times you have been bullied at your workplace? It’s really complicated to answer this. But, you can recognize some simple signs, to know are you being bullied.

Bulling can be in any work. It can be related to work or attitude. Bullying can also be related to simple competition among various co-workers in the office. There have been instances, which are related to bullying by boss at the work place.

Here are some signs to know about being bullied at workplace:

You lose interest in your work, at your job. This may be the first sign of bullying. In this case, it’s common for your superiors to overpower your work. Whatever work you are doing; the credit is taken by your superiors. In this case you have to reconsider your job. It’s the sign of getting bullied at your workplace.

If you hate going to office, this is also a sign of getting bullied. A person may lose interest in work or office in terms with bullying. You may not feel the enthusiasm of doing work according to your comfort. This is in case of getting bullied at work place.

A person may feel isolated in case of getting bullied. If there is no one to whom you can report to, it’s a sign of getting bullied at your workplace. You can’t complain about your subordinates, its sign of getting bullied at your job.

In case of getting bullied, if you put the responsibility of the situation to your self. This is also a sign of getting bullied. In this case you are scared to complain about anybody. And, you take the situation seriously and put the blame on yourself.

You may get bullied if you are fair and devoted at your workplace. Normally, these things act against you. These are some signs of getting bullied you may know.

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