Simple Goal Setting

Goal setting is essential in every facet of life. Goal setting can be based on your short term and long term goals. Once you fulfill your short term goals, you intent to fulfill your long term goals. Setting of goals can be based on certain factors in life. And, based on factors of goal setting, attaining the target becomes easier.

Here are some factors to consider in case of goal setting:

Your goals should always be precise in nature. If you don’t know what you want to achieve, you can never reach your goals. Precise goals also relate to goals which are realistic in nature. If you setup goals which are impossible to achieve, then it becomes little difficult.

Your goals should always be assessable in nature. The progress of your goals should be best known to you. It’s important to know that, are you heading towards a right direction to fulfill your goals. And, if your direction is wrong, you should have the time to change your direction, in order to attain your goals.

Your goals should always be reasonable in nature. Sometimes people set goals which are too tough to achieve. If you set tough goals, it becomes difficult for you to achieve them. Goals should always be set in context of achieving them. In this case, both your short term goals and long term goals should be reasonable in nature.

Goals should always be based on specific time. When you set your short term goals or long term goals, keep a specific time period to achieve your goals. If you set the target according to time, you can easily achieve our goals. In this case, your goals also become attainable in nature.

There should be specific targets and reasons to achieve all your goals. When you set all your goals based on the above factors, it becomes easy to fulfill them.

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