Tips to Clean Upholstery

Cleaning of upholstery is the most neglected part of home cleaning. There may be dust on furniture, covers and curtains, which may not be visible in nature. It’s imperative to clean your home upholstery on regular basis, in order to prevent germs and bacteria.

There are various methods to clean your upholstery on daily basis. You can opt for cleaning on manual basis or by using vacuum cleaner. However, there are various natural ways through which you can clean your upholstery effectively.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

There are various ways in which you can clean all the stains related to upholstery. In this case, stains of coffee are common. Many a times there are stains of coffee on sofa covers. And, these stains are too stern to remove.

In case of removing coffee stains from upholstery, you can take some washing liquid and white vinegar. Add these two things in warm cup of water. Now, put this on the upholstery, where there are coffee stains. You can wait for five to ten minutes, before cleaning it with water. This method easily removes coffee stains from your upholstery.

Food stains are common in case of upholstery. Food stains like oil and cheese are frequent in case of covers or curtains. You can easily remove these stains with help of cleaning liquid. Take some cleaning liquid with warm water and put it on the stain. Now, linger for few minutes.

You can now take one tea spoon of ammonia with warm water. Put it on the effected stain. After few minutes, clean the stain with regular water. It helps to remove the toughest stains of oil and cheese. It’s effective in case of sofa covers.

You can also clean some stains in upholstery with the help of mild shampoos. You can mix this with water at the time of application.

These are some simple tips; you can keep in mind in case of cleaning upholstery.

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