Types of Breast Pumps

Choosing right kind of breast pump is imperative for your breast health. Breast pumps are ideal in case of mothers who are working. Though, it is normally not recommended to non working mothers. Breast pumps are available in case of different types of needs.

There are breast pumps available for every day use. On the other hand, there are pumps which are available for infrequent use. It all depends on suitability and comfort in case of using a particular breast pump. Before choosing a particular pump, it’s important to know about the supply of milk.

Here are varied types of breast pumps to choose from:

Breast pumps which use batteries are expensive in nature. These types of pumps aren’t feasible for everyday use. These types of breast pumps are apt in case of occasional use. One major disadvantage of this type of breast pump is; its battery has to be charged time and again, which can cause problem.

The most common type of breast pump is in the form of manual pump. This pump is apt for regular use. Manual pump is available in varied types. Rubber manual pump is well accepted in this case, it’s easy to use and it consumes less time. There is no need of battery in this type of pump.

Cylinder breast pump is also easy to use and is cost effective in nature. The cost of manual pump is cheap as compared to other types of breast pumps.

Mini breast pumps are also fast catching up in case of breast pumps. The benefit of this pump is its light in weight as compared to manual pumps. It’s easy to use on regular basis. But, price of this type of pump is high as compared to manual pump. The main reason for the same is its user friendly in nature.

These are some of the breast pumps easily available according to preference.

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