Types Of Foot Spa

Foot spa is special type of treatment for your feet that ill help your feet relax. It is very important that you should take good care of your feet as they withstand lot of pressure for the entire day. We generally take regular care of our face and hands.

However, that is not enough and it is a bad practice to ignore your feet. You should take regular care of your feet too.

Foot spa is a beautification process for your feet that also gives ample amount of relaxation to your feet.  Through foot spa you can heal cracked heels, relieve foot pains, etc. There are different types of foot spa processes that you can apply. Some of them are as follows:

Thai Foot Massage: This type of massage has originated from china. It is still practiced by the Buddhist monks in Thailand. In this process the masseur will massage the specific areas of your feet, hands and legs in such a manner that it will create a reflex that will correspond to the internal organs of your body.

Hot Stone Massage: In early days people used hot stones to release their pains. Today this concept has been modernized and is being handled in a different way. Hot stone therapy is not only being used to provide relief to your pain areas but also to release tiredness and fatigue.

The masseur might massage the specific areas of your body with the heated stone, preferably basalt stones, and then leave them on specific points of your body to give you ample relief.

In case of foot hot stone therapy the massuer will place the hot stones on different sensetive parts of your feet whose nerves connect to different internal organs in your system.

Traditional Foot Massage: This is the most common type of foot massage. Here you need to soak your feet for some time in warm water and then massage it properly with the essential oils. You should take a traditional foot massage at a good foot spa in order to get the best effects. The main purpose of this massage is to facilitate the functioning of different organs of the body.


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