Nano Breast Serum
nano breast serum

For Breast Firmness - Instant Firmness within 5 minutes

Prime benefits of the Nano-Plus Breast Serum

Stimulates collagen synthesis for breast firmness

Firm cleavage of breast tissues

Strengthen the breast dermal matrix

Increases hydration and revitalizes breast tissues

Strengthens the connective tissues that assist in breast lifting

Increases elasticity and tighten existing breast tissue

The Nano-Plus Breast Serum is the best way to achieve a breast augmentation other than actually undergoing any cosmetic surgery. The product offers the ways to get positive changes in the appearance of the breasts and not to have any cut or incision by the surgical instrument!!! The Nano-Plus Breast Serum softens the skin, protects and restores connective tissues present in the breasts and that to be instantly – just within five minutes! The product also protects the breasts’ cells from the damage due to free radicals present in the bloodstream.

The Nano-Plus Breast Serum – A rapid action force!

In this world, one has no retrospection time! And hence, everything that works instantly is always sought for. We, at St. Botanica understand the urgency you want in firming the breasts since you do not have time to look after each step that old traditional beauty therapists preach for! In Nano-Plus breasts’ serum, the nano-particles are empowered with Pueraria mirifica (the herbal extract that contains phyto-estrogen). Together, they make a winning combination to produce Nano-Plus Breast Serum that tones up the wrinkled and sagging breasts.

The technology used in the formula of Nano-Plus Breast Serum is most advanced and highly scientific. The nanosomes go right into the inner skin and release the most needed nourishment that the breast tissues have been lacking.

The Nanotechnology – an overview

Nanotechnology is a group of going forth technologies wherein the structure of any matter is assured at the nanometer scale. This scale is of small numbers of atoms and is used to get novel materials and so the products that are useful and unparalleled. The nano-products use nanosomes that are the finest particles of the ingredients. Finer the particles are, greater are the chances for them to penetrate any structure.

In Nano-Plus Breast Serum, the nanosomes or the nano-particles penetrate deep into the breasts’ tissues rapidly and make breasts firm and full. Unlike other normal creams and serums, this serum does not take much time to produce its results and one can get incredible results within minutes. The nanotechnology is now the most advanced technology with betterment in the product’s results and ingredients’ efficacy. Gone are the days when one used to wait for days to get results of the product they have paid highly to. Nanotechnology enables people to get instant results that can be very helpful in people with lastminute hurry!

The nanotechnologies, the supreme technology, are also being further developed to construct or to design even more sophisticated products wherein the structure of matter is more exclusively controlled.


Pueraria Mirifica extract, Provitamin B5 and Lavender Oil

Nano-Plus Breast Serum – a powerpack product

The product contains Pueraria mirifica, lavender oil and Provitamin B5. All these ingredients combine together and make the product a good tonic for tired and drooping breasts and to redefine the cleavage, most attractive part of the woman’s body. The choicest Pueraria mirifica in the product makes the Nano-Plus Breast Serum intensely effective that offers instant firmness within 5 minutes

Popularly known as White Kwao Krua, Pueraria mirifica has been greatly used as medicine, and has drawn the attention of scientists and researchers all across the world, especially in recent years. The herb Pueraria mirifica has been used in appropriate proportions that can even help menopausal women to get enlarged breasts, increased healthy vaginal secretions, improved hair conditions, and assured recovery of the breasts’ skin complexion.

Direction to use:

Apply a small amount of serum onto each of your breast. Massage until the cream is fully absorbed. It is advisable to massage clockwise first and then anticlockwise. For maximum results, augment the cream with Breast Capsules.

The presentation of the product:

The product comes in sleek tube that is easy to squeeze. Squeeze the tube from bottom to the top while taking out the rich clear serum and keep it away from the direct sunlight. The product is to be kept reach out of the children. The Nano Breast Cream contains 40 ml of serum volume.

Nano Breast Serum 40 ml.
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Nano Breast Serum 40 ml.
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Nano Breast Serum 40 ml.
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Nano Breast Serum 40 ml.
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Video Demonstration

It's most suitable for cup size of A to C, and those with less cleavage who desired to have more fat tissues. You can see the result within 2 weeks.


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Interesting fact by the Nano-Plus Serum:

Some of the zoologists like Desmond Morris consider that the shapes of a pair of female breasts are evolved as a frontlet counterpart to that of the buttocks. This is probably because whilst other primates mate in the back-entry position, humans, due to their upright posture, are in all likelihood to successfully mate by getting it face-to-face, the position is known as missionary position.