Questions to ask before Surgery

Most of the cosmetic breast surgeons who perform breast surgeries of several types will see the patient at least twice before they come to any decision or conclusion. It is quite obvious that surgery is different from medical therapy as there; you need to go under knife! There are many questions to ask before breast surgery and no one is exception here! However, the plastic surgeon is ready to answer the queries and discuss any anxiety. The patient may also be able to see photographs of the patients who have already undergone by the same surgeon, or directly consult someone who has had surgeries.

Every year, thousands of people all across the world undergo private cosmetic breast surgery. Before choosing any cosmetic surgeon, or agreeing to proceed with any of the operation, it is essential that one should be fully informed. There are pros and cons associated with any kind of surgery; one should be aware of these all. The checklist of questions to ask before breast surgery ensures that one gets the feedback needed to make an informed conclusion about cosmetic surgeries.

Refer the checklist to the consultation or write on own list of queries. Ask the surgeon if they can record the consultation so that the patient can play it back later on (this is a stressful situation and people generally forget much of what they had been advised or fail to remember the follow ups). The patient will also have the support of clinical nurse specialists and counselors or psychologists associated with the breasts clinic. They can provide you further information and support to assist you making a firm decision. It could be useful to write down a list of queries to ask the breast surgeon before you make a conclusion what to do.

Questions to ask before breast surgery:

• What kind of operation would be more suited for me and why?

• What are the potential complications/risks of the operation?

• Where will the incisions be made and what may the scars look like?

• How long would it take for me to overcome the operation?

• If I make conclusion to have risk-reducing mastectomy, what could be the best age to get it done?

• If I make up my mind to have surgery, how long will I have to wait to get it done?

• Can I talk to somebody who has had already a risk-reduced mastectomy?

• Can I talk to someone about the potential emotional effects to have a risk-reducing mastectomy?

• If I settle not to have breast surgery, what are the other procedures to have natural breast enlargement. I have heard that   natural products such as St. Botanica Breast Serum and St. Botanica Breast Pills can help achieving breast enlargement   or enhancement naturally.

• I have heard that products like St. Botanica Breast Nano Breast Serum has instant breast enlarging effects… is it okay to   have it?

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